As a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, we express to our parents

that the center uses the word "Therapy" to indicate that our Multi-sensory lessons are intensive and therapeutic.

  The Orton-Gillingham method that we use in our lessons is specific and scientific research-based curriculum that is structural and cumulative. In our remedial intervention, we combine the latest scientific research along with our skills and techniques to help each child or client with their Academic language Therapy.

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  • The services we offer are in the key areas of our field

  • We offer the area of specialization from our professional certifications and license. 

  • Each person in our team offers anywhere from 5-30 plus years of teaching experience.

  • We offer therapeutic tutorial services from Pre-K to college-bound.

  • We offer individual or small group settings (1 to 3 kids in a group) and adhere to what research indicates in reference to assisting growth, self-esteem, and progress. Each child is tested upon enrolling at the center and then placed individually. As they progress, they may be grouped by ability in the area of need with other peers.

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